About Us

ARGEN ELECTRIC LTD is partner of well known brands for Medium /Low Voltage Systems. ARGEN ELECTRIC LTD. dedicates itself in green energy revolution that enables utility and industry customers to improve their performance while lowering environmental impact.

ARGEN ELECTRIC LTD is especially proud of its 7 year design, engineering and manufacturing experience in the field of reactive power compensation products. Specialization is always our motto. With a totally self-developed unique design, our STATCOM / SVC can bring you faster, more reliable and more convenient services.

ARGEN ELECTRIC LTD every single piece of part has to go through the strictest procedures under ISO9001 quality system to make sure its quality. With a modern and comprehensive medium voltage test facility, each product will be tested under site circumstances to ensure the operation reliability and onsite commissioning span shortened.

    We are aware of that everyone has an urgency and does not waste to loose time with documentation and procedures.


    We provide solutions to all fields of electrical engineering problems with using high quality equipments.


    Argen Electric has suppliers in all over the world. Our aim is to find an equipment in minimunum time and price.

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